Our History:
The Dental Directors Association of NY and NJ was established in the early 1970’s by dentists interested in providing high standards of care for managing Health Center dental practices in underserved communities. Founding members Murray Rosenthal, Neal Demby, Leon E. Josey, Joyce Howard, and Juris Svarcbergs met and then joined forces with Region II USPHS dentist/dental consultant Jan Goldsmith to write and publish manuals on how to appropriately manage community health center dental practices and standardize key clinical evaluation criteria benchmarking comparative standards of dental care.

Today, some thirty years later, these concepts are still very much alive. Region II’s Intercenter Quality Assurance has evolved to its current digital format with immediate onsite statistical analysis based on methodologies developed by our founding group. Staff incentive systems utilizing the number of dental visits and relative value units generated have come of age, and now are regarded as ‘current’ concepts in our modern day world of staff shortages and managed care.

Dental Management Coalition (DMC) was born in 1994 when various dental directors from Health Centers in NY and NJ gathered together for a meeting at Clinical Directors Network (CDN) headquarters in NYC to revitalize the previously established Dental Directors Association of NY and NJ. Our first and former DMC President, Dr. James Townes, then Dental Director of Syracuse Community Health Center, was elected by the end of that first meeting.

With ongoing support from Region II USPHS dentist/dental consultant, Jan Richard Goldsmith DDS MPH, of BPHC/HRSA, and annual conference coordination from KLTravel President, Millicent Kaufman, a dental public health professional forum reuniting New York and New Jersey Health Center dentists and staff was created. Jim Towne’s passion for fostering a sense of professional community and camaraderie led to numerous meetings during the course of his tenure, presenting many opportunities for community health center dentists and staff to meet on such concepts as the dawn of dental Medicaid/CHP managed care, the power of group purchasing (to save on dental supplies/equipment and lab expenses), and the opportunity to partner with allied health professionals (nurses) in the early years of HIV disease. His pioneering efforts, leadership, and dedication to DMC laid a firm foundation to structure a solid reputation for our organization.

We established an email listserv in 1999 and a website shortly thereafter in 2000.
Both computer interfaces have resulted in our conference and listserv audiences to include members from regions beyond USPHS Region II. We welcome input from anyone interested in sharing their experiences and expertise. DMC is an ADA-CERP and has been recognized in ADANews for our efforts.

Since 2002, DMC has been successful at finding conference locations that have been equally attractive for their conference agendas as they have been for their scenic locations because we firmly believe that there are just as many professional opportunities for growth that exist outside the "classroom" through networking with colleagues and product representatives as exists within the conference hall itself.

Our annual conferences and website/listserv links continue to keep us all connected.

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Howard Farran, DDS, MBA, MAGD
Owner, Founder and CEO, Farran Media, LLC, www.dentaltown.com

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Dr. Sangita Garg, Dental Director
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Neal A. Demby, DMD, MPH,
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We sadly received notice of the passing of Dr. James Townes on Thursday, August 6, 2009.
Dr. Townes served as Dental Director of the Syracuse Community Health Center for many years, and was elected first President of Dental Management Coalition (DMC).  For DMC, his loss is a great one, both professionally and personally.

Back in 1994, the dental directors of community health centers in NY and NJ were at a point where their peer networking organization (Assoc. of Region II CHC Dental Directors) needed to be revitalized.  Dr. James Townes volunteered to take on that task, and was elected President of the new organization- Dental Management Coalition (DMC).  Although reserved and often quiet for a man of his knowledge and experience in community oral health care, Dr. Townes ably and effectively took the reins of the organization, revitalizing it with regular meetings and vibrant annual conferences.  We knew that when Jim was hosting a meeting in Syracuse, there would be not only good educational sessions, but also local community talent entertainment, and the best networking ever over the best barbecued ribs in town!

Dr. Townes’ passion for fostering a sense of professional community and camaraderie led to many opportunities for community health center dentists and dental staff to meet and discuss such concepts as managed care for Medicaid and Child Health Plus dentistry; the power of group purchasing to save on dental supplies, equipment and lab expenses; and the opportunity to partner with allied health professionals (e.g. nurses) to share knowledge and expertise in the early years of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. His pioneering efforts, leadership by example, and dedication to DMC laid a firm foundation upon which he established a solid reputation for our organization.

Dr. Townes was a key organizer of the special collaborative effort between the U.S. Public Health Service Region II Office and Dental Management Coalition that produced the practical and innovative Dental Care Guidelines by Lifecycle that was presented to dental clinical leaders in 1995. The protocols are still being followed to this day. In addition, under Dr. Townes’ leadership, his dental program received a number of National Health Service Corps (NHSC) professional loan repayment contracts awarded to dentists in return for professional services rendered in the underserved communities of Syracuse, NY. Furthermore, through his affiliation and active participation with Lutheran Medical Center’s Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) dental residency program, many dental residents had the opportunity to provide care and receive additional dental training from him and his staff during his years of leadership at Syracuse Community Health Center.

Dr. Townes was recognized by the U.S. Public Health Service with the Regional Health Administrators Awards for Leadership and Service, and Exemplary Performance.

Dr. Townes was well known professionally as a tireless worker, innovator, mentor, and caring provider. He was President of DMC from 1994 to 2001, and was largely responsible during that time for holding the organization together, helping individual members and Health Center dental departments in need of assistance, sponsoring and setting up regional meetings, and promoting opportunities to learn, reach out and network. Many of us have individual experiences with Dr. Townes in which we benefited from his generosity, knowledge, wisdom and kindness. In addition to being an icon in the CHC dental field, Jim was a wonderful, charming, funny and generous person. He will be missed greatly.

In 2010, the James W. Townes DDS Memorial Award was established to honor Dr. Townes and his legacy. The Dental Management Coalition Officers and Board of Trustees would vote and choose a dental leader to recognize for their outstanding leadership, many years of service and dedication to Region II USPHS Health Center dental programs at the DMC Annual Conference.

The following individuals have received this award:
2010 - Dr. Jay Anderson
2011 - Dr. Clifford Hames
2013 - Dr. Janet Bozzone

-The DMC Executive Committee

Dr. James W. Townes III
First President
Dental Management Coalition